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Matoshri Premabai Jain Higher Education Scholarship Program

Scholarship FAQ


To provide financial assistance to help economically challenged students who have demonstrated great academic potential.

Selection Criteria

  • For NEW applications:
    • - Student should be resident of Jalgaon District
    • - Passed Std. 10th and above exams in the first attempt
    • - Combined annual income of the family should be less than Rs.2Lacs
    • - Physically challenged students will get special preference
    • Eligibility Percentage
    • - Std. 10th: Rural Area – Min 85% & Urban Area – Min 90%
    • - Std. 12th: Rural Area – Min 70% & Urban Area – Min 75% OR
    • - Physically challenged / have one or no parent: Std. 10th - 75% & Std. 12th - 65%
    • - Students appeared for MH-CET or equivalent Exam:Std. 10 - NA & Std. 12th - Min 120 Marks
  • For RENEWAL applications:
    • - Student who has given scholarship in previous years including drop-out.
    • - Student should clear and pass previous exam.
    • - Beneficiary who have an ATKT in only one subject.
    • - Combined annual income of the family should be less than Rs.2Lacs
    • - Special preference will be given to Physically challenged / Orphan Beneficiaries
    • Eligibility Percentage
    • - Std 12th to Degree (1st year): Min 75%
    • - Diploma (3rd year) to Degree: Min 75%
    • - Degree to Post-Graduate: Min 75%


  • The Online application process starts in the month of August and continues till end of September every year.
  • Students can apply for the Scholarship on our Website :
  • Students applying for the first time register themselves on the Website and proceed to submit their online application.
  • Beneficiaries, who are applying for renewal, update their educational details in their online account and submit their application.
  • On completion of the online application for NEW & RENEWAL applications, an acknowledgement receipt to be generated and to be sent along with copies of required documents to SD-SEED Office.
  • The Selection Committee thoroughly scrutinizes and screens each application, in order to ascertain eligibility.
  • Committee Members also visit the students’ residence for verification, thus ensuring that the right student is awarded the scholarship.
  • Selected students are conferred the scholarship, at the Annual Scholarship Distribution Ceremony held in November and for the remaining students the scholarship amount is transferred to their bank accounts.
  • Beneficiary Identity Cards are issued to all beneficiaries, which serves as a Login ID to get discounts on other SD-SEED benefits, the details available on SD-SEED Website.
  • As and when Beneficiary’s Mobile Number, E-mail ID, Present Address is changed, it should be updated on Website entering Beneficiary Code in Log-in.