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Happy Independence Day !: Best wishes on the occasion of Independence Day !  Good news ! SD-SEED Scholarship 2022 !: We are happy to announce online applications can be filled from August 15 to September 30 on In case of any difficulty, please visit the SD-SEED office or call 0257 2235254. 

SD-SEED WhatsApp Service:


All Beneficiaries should stay connected with SD-SEED. The communication related to their interest must reach to all and let them take advantage of it.

Recent Activities:

  • Gathering all existing SD-SEED Beneficiaries using WhatsApp to participate in this Group
  • Wishing All the Best for Examinations - for Beneficiaries having Exam ongoing
  • To know Examination performance of beneficiaries having completed their Examinations
  • Discuss, Assist in Future Career Planning to existing Beneficaries
  • Encourage and motivate existing beneficiaries to proactively participate in group for ideas exchange
  • To discuss tentative planning for admission process in upcoming Academic Session