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My Dear Students,

I believe that today, more than ever before, education is the most important thing in our lives. Over the last two decades, the world has been changing rapidly and knowledge is the most important prerequisite to success, in every field you may desire to pursue and the next few years will witness more dramatic changes. How should one survive and prosper in such an intensely competitive and rapidly evolving world?

My young friends, there are no easy answers, but there are a few things both certain and important. Primarily, a thirst for knowledge, which ought to be backed by willingness to work both hard and smart. In addition to this, acquiring digital skills is a must. Along with which an open mind to embrace new ideas and discard old dogmas, prejudices and discriminations based on race, caste and religion is equally essential. However, the secret ingredient to success is self-confidence.

Your parents and teachers also play very significant role in your career and life. I will appeal to both of them to guide you in the right way, so that your natural talent can be harnessed for your benefit.

Friends, I am confident you have strong desire to succeed which is your purpose to connect with SD-SEED. I have full faith in our new generation that they will triumph in all fields and together we will build a more equitable and prosperous INDIA, which all of us can be proud of.

Jai Hind!

Shri Sureshdada Jain