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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Scholarship:

Q.1        When can I apply for SD-SEED Scholarship?
Ans.        The announcement of Scholarship enrolment process start in month of August. It will be published in newspapers and on our website

Q.2         I am availing Scholarship from the State and Central Govt. Am I eligible for SD-SEED Scholarship?
Ans.        Yes.

Q.3        What is the difference between RENEWAL & NEW Beneficiary?
Ans.        RENEWAL Beneficiaries, who have been awarded scholarship in the previous year and are applying in the current year. NEW Beneficiaries, who are applying for the first time in the current year.

Q.4     What is the RENEWAL criteria for Scholarship?
Ans.    The Renewal criteria is as follows:

  1. The students, who failed in one subject (ATKT) are eligible for renewal.
  2. The students, who are studied in the 2nd year of D.T. Ed. are not eligible for renewal.

Q.5     How do I apply?
Ans.    For RENEWAL Beneficiaries:
(1) The link for online scholarship application is given on our website
(2) After you click on this link, the instruction page will appear. Kindly read this page carefully.
(3) At the bottom of this page, please enter your Beneficiary Code Number and the Application page will appear.
(4) After saving first page of the Application, you will receive a system generated Log-in ID & Password. 
(5) Kindly note this Log-in ID & Password for further use.
For NEW Beneficiaries:
(1) You have to fill Scholarship Form manually, which is available at our Office
(2) Your filled form will go to our Selection Committee for scrutiny.
(3) If it is approved, then our Associate will call you at our Office to fill Online Scholarship Form.
(4) The same time our Associate will provide you Beneficiary Code Number, which you require for form filling process.

Q.6     Can I save my application and come back later?
Ans.    Yes! You may save your scholarship application and continue it later with your Log-in ID and Password.

Q.7     What should I do if I receive an error message while filling out the Scholarship Application?
Ans.    If you receive an error message, please follow the instructions on the error page and contact SD-SEED Helpline No. 0257-2235254 during office hours (9.30 am to 6.30 pm).

Q.8     How do I know that I have successfully filled online Scholarship Application?
Ans.    Once you complete your Application, an Acknowledgement Receipt will be displayed on the screen.

Q.9          Can I make changes to my Scholarship Application after it is submitted?
Ans.    No.

Q.10    Can I submit a Paper Application since I don’t have regular access to a computer to submit the Scholarship
Application Online?
Ans.    If you are unable to complete the Application online, please visit our SD-SEED Office during office hours (9.30 am to 6.30 pm). Our Associates will help you for applying online.

Q.11    What is the last date of submission of Scholarship Application Form?
Ans.    We will announce the last date for submission on our Website.

Q.12    Will I be able to submit my Scholarship Application after the last date?
Ans.    No. The Acknowledgement Receipt and all required documents must be submitted on time. The online application link will be discontinued after the last date.

Q.13    Should I include letters of recommendation?
Ans.    Not required.

Q.14    If awarded, how will I receive my Scholarship?
Ans.    The Scholarship amount will be transferred to your Bank Account through NEFT as per the Bank Details given in the Application.

Q.15    Who makes the Scholarship awarding decision?
Ans.    The Selection Committee comprising of renowned and eminent personalities scrutinizes and decides on awarding scholarship.

Q.16    How does SD-SEED choose a Beneficiary?
Ans.    As per the criteria, Selection Committee does a personal verification of the details of shortlisted students.

Q.17    What is Beneficiary Card? What benefits I get from it?
Ans.    The Beneficiary Card is your Identity Card which has your Beneficiary Code No., Name, Photo & Permanent Address. This Card helps you to avail multiple assistance benefits and attractive discounts provided by SD-SEED are as follows:

  1. Assistance in Educational Loan from Banks or other Financial Institutions
  2. Assistance in Hostel Accommodation in other towns & cities
  3. Discount in Library Membership
  4. Discount in Coaching Classes Fees
  5. Discount in Purchase of Books, Uniforms, Stationery & other Educational Material
  6. Free Medical Aid
  7. Coaching for Public & other Competitive Examinations
  8. Career Guidance Session, etc

Q.18    What does my Scholarship include?
Ans.    The Scholarship includes financial assistance together with attractive discounts and assistance provided by SD-SEED thru tie-ups with various Organizations. You can avail all the benefits with your Beneficiary Card as listed above.

Q.19    I lost my Beneficiary Card?
Ans.    Please submit an application for Issue of New Beneficiary Card to SD-SEED Office. The charges for the new card is Rs.75/-, which will be paid by the Beneficiary.

Q.20    Using my Beneficiary Card, how long can I avail SD-SEED benefits?
Ans.    The Beneficiary can avail SD-SEED benefits till you are studying.

Q.21    If I have a question that is not addressed here, whom should I contact?
Ans.    Please contact SD-SEED Helpline No. 0257-2235254 during office hours (9.30 am to 6.30 pm)