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a) Providing Uniforms and Books

  • Uniforms and Books are provided to students to help reduce their parents’ financial burden. It also creates a sense of equality and sameness among the students.

b) Educational Loans from Banks, Government and other Schemes

  • The scholarship sometimes only partially takes care of student’s educational expenses and additional funds are required for higher education and allied activities.
  • SD-SEED has entered into an agreement with banks and financial institutions, who disburse loans for higher education.
  • This agreement helps in speedy disbursal of loans, as the detailed background verification of the student has been already done by SD-SEED Team, which the Banks/Financial Institution takes on their record.
  • The forms and list of documents as per the requirement of the Bank/Financial Institution are available on Bank’s Website.

c) Information on accommodation in other towns and cities

  • MoUs have been signed with hostels and student conducive accommodation facilities for those migrating from Jalgaon.
  • These students would benefit from staying, studying and travelling together and will help them to create life-long friendships.

d) Information on various Libraries

  • Students need to refer to books, reports, manuals, etc., which are available only in Libraries.
  • In order to help them gain access to such material, MoUs have been signed with various Libraries, which will help the students to get the membership at a discounted rate or free.

e) Discount Assistance for Classes, Purchase of Books, Uniforms, Stationery & other Educational Material

  • MoU is signed between SD-SEED and coaching or computer classes to enroll beneficiaries at discounted or group fees.
  • SD-SEED has also signed MoUs with wholesale or retail outlets of books, stationery, educational material, uniforms etc. to provide material at discounted rates to the beneficiaries. Such discounts will help in easing the beneficiaries' financial burden.

f) DNYAN-YADNYA (e-Newsletter)

  • Our e-newsletter is called ‘Dnyan–Yadnya’, is emailed to all beneficiaries and is available on our website.
  • The e-newsletter carries articles which are a source of inspiration and guidance to the students, such as programs conducted for students, multiple assistance schemes, testimonials, health tips, current updates on education field etc.,