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  • Tie-ups with various Vocational Training Institutes
    To meet educational demands by enhancing professional & vocational skills, promoting career development and creating employment opportunities for students
  • Education Fair
    To provide an ideal platform to meet students' requirements with complete solutions for those aspiring to study in India & abroad.
  • Placement Cell
    A professional placement cell will be set up to network between the beneficiaries and the Industry. Resumes of the beneficiaries shall be circulated in the Industry and the Industry shall be invited for campus interviews and placements. There will also be a tie-up with Industry stalwarts to sponsor students with the skills that they would require in their own industries so as to create a bond between the student and themselves. These various initiatives will together help the beneficiaries to achieve their occupational aspirations.
  • Mentoring
    Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship between a student and a mentor that develops over a period of time. The mentor provides consistent support, guidance and assistance to a student who needs a positive role model. The goal of Student Mentoring is to help students to gain skills, abilities and be responsible for their future. It supports students in program completion, improving interpersonal relationships, confidence building and transitioning to further education or the workforce.