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Dipak Dilip Patil, Jalgaon

(Production Engineer – 3rd Year)

I am studying in third year Engineering and belong to an economically backward family.  We have numerous financial problems as well as my father does not keep good health.   In September 2010 , I had to take admission for B. E. Second year and we were facing financial problems. Under the circumstances it was impossible for me to pay my college fees and continue my education.

It was at this time I was informed of my selection for the Scholarship and I was sure that I would be able to continue & complete my education.
There are many students like me, who when they are not able to find a way, your timely assistance gives them strength and they understand its the importance  I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Shri Dada for the Scholarship.

Madhuri Muralidhar Rohera, Jalgaon
(MBBS – 2nd Year)

I am studying in 2nd year MBBS at Government medical College Miraj.  Reaching here is joint effort of my hard word, the financial assistance of the Smt. Dhapubai Jain Trust and Blessings.  It is because of the trust I am able to fulfill my dreams and will always be grateful. 

Dipti Ravindra Bhakkad, Jalgaon
(B.E. Computer)

Smt. Dhapubai Jain Charitable Trust is transforming today’s youth by supporting them to complete their education.  The scholarship is enabling students to overcome the hurdles which affect their education progress.

My father passed away while I was in 3rd year of Engineering.  I was helpless  and thought I would have to discontinue my studies.  At this time, Smt. Dhapubai Jain Trust came forward and supported me financially to complete my education.  I am happy to inform you that only due to the Scholarship,  I could complete my Engineering degree and secure a distinction.  I wish more students can get the benefits from this Scheme.

Mayuri Gajanan Joshi, Jalgaon
(Diploma – 2nd Year)

I was awarded the Scholarship from Smt. Dhapubai Jain charitable Trust last year. I am inclined to studies and always dreamt of becoming an engineer.  I am also aware that education is important in one’s life, but it is costly and required good financial backing.   The economic condition of my family is weak and I was skeptical of being able to avail quality education, but the flame of education was alive within me. At this time I got information of the Scholarship Scheme,  applied and was awarded the  Scholarship.

The Scholarship took out the fears from my mind and gave me new hope.  I have also decided that I will help the trust after I complete my education.  The trust has helped me and in future I would like to help other needy and intellectual students, so many more students can benefit. 

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