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Chaudhari Gayatri Sunil
Beneficiary Code:1118086523
Education in 2019-20:B.E. Computers (First Year)

My mother works in a private clinic and my father is unemployed after he met with an accident. I scored good marks in my SSC exams, but despite being capable, I was facing financial difficulties in continuing my education. In this world God has sent some people to help others, by being the strength under their drooping wings and assisting them to fly again, like Hon Shri Suresh Dada Jain, who is helping students through SD Seed Scholarship. This scholarship has enabled me to purchase school books, stationary and pay my college fees. In addition, the Personal Counselling and guidance given by experts has helped me in studying for CET exams, which are important for Science and Engineering stream. As a result today I have secured admission in an esteemed Engineering College. I pray that Dada is blessed with a long life and that he may continue to support thousands of economically challenged students like me.

Ahire Dipali Siddharath
Beneficiary Code:1118098666
Education in 2019-20:B.A.(Third Year)

My father passed away due to a prolonged illness. My mother is a vegetable vendor and takes care of us four sisters. I am a beneficiary of the SD Scholarship and this has inspired me to continue my studies as I am aware that Shri Hon. Dada is supporting me like a Father figure.

The Study Room launched by SD Seed has given me small ray of hope, by giving me place to concentrate and study for competitive exams. I am confident that I will achieve my dream of clearing these exams and joining the administrative services. I hope and pray that Dada lives a long life and SD SEED continues for a long time.

Annadate Saurabh Arun
Beneficiary Code:1016097700
Education in 2018-20:BS-MS Dual Degree (Fourth Year)

SD Seed is a life saver for intelligent and economically challenged students. I am from a middle class family, my father is paralyzed and also suffers from kidney disease, hence the complete responsibility of our family is on my mother. I am a recipient of the SD Seed scholarship, which has given me strength and courage to fight and overcome this situation, by helping me to buy books and school related material. The programmes based on Entrepreneurial skills and opportunities for employment inspire us positively and help us achieve our goals.

Borse Hemant Nandkumar
Beneficiary Code:1018027196
Education in 2019-20: SYJC (HSC) - Science

I am a student from a middle class family in a rural area. My father is a farm labourer. I am happy to state that thousands of students are able to continue their education and avail multiple benefits with the help of this Scholarship.

‘When you are blessed by large hearted people, you attempt to emulate their virtues’, I could experience this sentence in my life, because only a good human being can help students on such a large scale. I am proud to state that SD Seed is providing me psychological, educational and financial support.

I am grateful to Hon Suresh Dada Jain and the entire SD Seed team for setting alight the flame of knowledge which has eliminated the darkness of ignorance.

Patil Bhavana Vikas
Beneficiary Code: 1118098915
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2018-19: B.H.M.S (First Year)

Sd Seed is a very valuable scheme, which assists and inspires intelligent financially challenged students like me. I was hesitant to continue my studies in medicine, due to financial constraints. The Sd Seed Scholarship is a blessing because like a pillar Hon Dada a great philanthropist is supporting us. I was able to secure admission in a medical college, pay fees and buy books at a time when I did not have money. This has helped me realise that I am not alone. I am not even worthy to thank SD Seed, but Hon Dada truly my deepest gratitude to you. You have put life into my drooping wings and enabled me fly high in the skies.

Name: Patil Shrikrishna Sarangdhar
Beneficiary Code: 1018095646
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2018-19: MCA (Second Year)

I migrated from the rural area to Jalgaon city to pursue my education. However, I had to deal with various difficulties due to my strained financial circumstances. It was at this challenging time that SD SEED came to my aid and I could reduce my financial problems to a large extent. We are all proud of Hon Shri Suresh Dada as he selflessly helps, motivates and guides students to continue and complete their education. I promise Dada that when I become financially independent I will sponsor five students to complete their education and achieve their goal.

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