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Pramod Gopal Dhamale

Manoj Devidas Sonar

Harshal Ravindra Pawar

Bharat Anil Chaudhari

Name: Revati Anil Joshi
Beneficiary Code: 1111093146
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2014-15: BE – E&TC (3rd Year)

I am a beneficiary of this scholarship for the last five years. This scholarship is a sign of appreciation for needy students like me and we also get the blessings of Shri Suresh Dada Jain. Dada’s affection towards students is a gift for middle class families. In the course of our studies, we face difficulties due to lack of certain facilities. It is encouraging to receive support during this difficult time and I feel we have received this support through this Scholarship. I feel very happy that there is someone in society who is paying attention to our progress.

Name: Mahesh Bhushan Agrani
Beneficiary Code: 1012099678
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2014-15: BE – Mechanical (3rd Year)

I am a beneficiary of SD-SEED scholarship since 2012, which is a ray of hope for me and many more students. All of us need inspiration to do good deeds in life. I received my inspiration to study only because of SD-SEED, which gave me the opportunity to excel in my education and motivated me to bring glory to Khandesh. Now, due to this scheme planned by Dada even the poorest of poor students will be able to study. I pledge that will make best use of this opportunity, always be grateful to society and perform all my duties to the best of my ability.

Name: Umesh Bapu Hatkar
Beneficiary Code: 1012129570
Taluka: Pachora
Education in 2014-15: BE – Mechanical (Final Year)

A bird needs wings to fly, similarly for a needy students to be able to get the best education they require finance. SD-SEED met this need of mine and I could complete my higher education. I will always be thankful to SD-SEED.

Name: Lalita Raghunath Bari
Beneficiary Code: 1112098522
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2014-15: BA (Final Year)

I am able to complete my education due to SD-SEED scholarship. Today I am selected as Lady Police Constable in Maharashtra Police and am posted in Jalgaon district. I am grateful to all the dignitaries of SD-SEED.

Name: Vinayak Gangaram Nathjogi
Beneficiary Code: 1011095974
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2014-15: BE – Mechanical (3rd Year)

SD-SEED helps students like me through its scholarship to eliminate our financial burden. We know there is someone to support us and the determination is born within us to do something more and soar as high as we can. SD-SEED plays a major role in creating this determination and no amount of gratitude will be sufficient. We will surely come forward to help this noble cause. Once again I thank you.

Name: Sachin Sanjay Khalase
Beneficiary Code: 1011096035
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2014-15: Diploma in Mechanical (2nd Year)

A seed sown in the ground grows to become a big tree. Similarly, the main objective of this scheme is that needy students should get an opportunity to see the world. The knowledge of books should reach students and entrepreneurial skills should be developed among needy students, this is truly the aim of SD-SEED.

Name: Bharat Anil Chaudhari
Beneficiary Code:1012035393
Education in 2014-15: BE – E&TC (Final Year)

I am a beneficiary of SD-SEED Scholarship from SSC.  The students’ financial and educational expenses have contributed a lot by this Scheme, which is started by Hon. Dada. Around thousands of students in Jalgaon district take advantage of this scheme. Entrepreneurial Skill Development and Free Medical Aid is also given to the students with the scholarship.

I wish that will help my best and become a SD-SEED member in the future. I thanks to Dada and pray that this project live in the same work.

Name:Harshal Ravindra Pawar
Beneficiary Code:1012076078
Education in 2014-15: BE – E&TC (Final Year)

In today’s world, but the truth is unpleasant thing that brother does not help his brother. If you believe that, who does not help anyone, in that case Dada, who is the exception to that. I’m proudly said that, SD-SEED is an organization that truly works in Jalgaon. I’m taking advantage of its scholarship from SSC.  This really is utilized at the right time and money to enjoy such as the crisis was far away. This scholarship cared for needy students like me in need.

I am truly grateful to Dada that students like us coming and put his hands on the vein. I am forever grateful for that.

Name:Manoj Devidas Sonar
Beneficiary Code:1011129480
Education in 2014-15: Diploma in Mechanical (3rd Year)

I was doing run to take higher education after SSC, but the financial situation was to say anything, everyone advised to take admission in Arts. In the same time, I saw SD-SEED Advertisement applied for the same and taking scholarship for four years. Really this work is very admirable, which is started by Hon. Sureshdada. I would like to tell you that after completion of my education will give me whatever I give from my salary to the organization and will be working as SD-SEED member. Thanks again to all of your members.

Name:Sagar Kailas Magare
Beneficiary Code:1011078119
Education in 2014-15: BE - Computer (2nd Year)

After SSC result, there was a big dream in mind that takes lot of education in life, which should take advantage of it all. The determination so to education, but the problem was that money. AT the same time, I got information about SD-SEED. I felt Sureshdada is so great personality, do not know whether scholarship will receive or not and I paid for an application. I was very happy that I chose for SD-SEED Scholarship. So, my dream was to be completed and got a new direction in life. I am thankful to SD-SEED, which really helped me so far.

Name:Sagar Sunil Patil
Beneficiary Code:1011056091
Education in 2014-15: BE – Mechanical (Final Year)

I am regularly getting SD-SEED Scholarship since 10th standard. Despite having talent, I could challenge on financial constraint by this scholarship. Due to poor situation, I am fully aware that what problems has to face by every student. So, I would rejoice the heart that will help to poor and needy students in the future.

There are countless children like me, who have the strength of their wings by SD-SEED Scheme, started by Sureshdada. So, this love feels towards students by Dada. This scheme is the asset to the future of the students. My education was not behind any economic problem by this benefit. I will be grateful forever to Dadaji for their support and pray that let it be those good deeds of my hands in the future.

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