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Geeta Mulkumar Thakkar (Jalgaon)

SD-SEED is one of the supporting pillars for me. I thought my dream will never be successful, but because of SD-SEED and Sureshdada’s help now I think that it will be fulfilled. From the SD-SEED Beneficiary Card, I have got discounts in classes fees, stationery etc which supported me very well. Finally, I feel that in the previous year, the success what I could gain is only because of Sureshdada and SD-SEED and hoping the same help in the coming years.

Purushottam Nandlal Beldar (Chalisgaon)

I must say lot of thanks to Shri Sureshdada that they’ve started this remarkable scheme like SD-SEED, due to which many poor and needy students like me could take away their big hurdle in their education and could achieve their educational target. I’m very confident that because of this scholarship, definitely I can achieve my educational target. I wish to become SD-SEED Volunteer and really like to work with them. I’ll always be available to work in any program, conducted by SD-SEED.

Panchashila Ganesh Sable

Jyotiba Phule started schools, through education Shahu Maharaj inspired his people to reach great heights and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a recipient of Scholarship from Sayajirao Gaikwad, which enable him to go abroad for studies and he was the architect of Indian Constitution. In the same way, Dada has also taken up the work of continuing the same heritage of promoting education. I’m very thankful to him and the Committee. In future, I will definitely do my best to help this institution.

Tushar Murlidhar Patil (Raver)

I’m recipient of Matoshree Premabai Bhikamchandji Jain Scholarship consecutively from the last three years and due to this, I could complete my graduation. I’m really very grateful to this organization for their financial assistance. To support poor students for getting higher education is indeed a great contribution doing by SD-SEED.

Thank you.

Priya Ajit Chordia (Bhusawal)

By awarding me the SD-SEED scholarship, they have lightened my financial burden which allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of college, learning. Their generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals and dreams just as SD-SEED helped me.

Nikhil Rajendra Kumat (Dharangaon)

I’m the recipient of SD-SEED Scholarship consecutively from the last four years, which support me a lot to purchase costly books to study and to purchase educational equipments. SD-SEED scholarship helped me continuously in my educational career and due to this strength only I’m fully confident that I will fulfill my dream to become an Engineer.

Kalpana Prabhakar Shirude (Pachora)

I received Matoshree Shrimati Premabai Bhikamchandji Jain Higher Education Scholarship in the year 2010-11, which enabled me to take my Hostel Admission on time and I could concentrate on my studies. This scheme is really very appreciative, which help me to fulfill my educational expenses.

Nilam Bharat Bafna (Pachora)

I have made proper use of this scholarship and it is possible for me to pay my educational expenses just because of this scholarship. I am very very thankful to SD-SEED and wishing my best wishes to SD-SEED who’s scope is increasing every year. I will make good use of this and its my promice. As students are getting this scholarship, there is no doubt that their confidence is growing well and they are trying hard and securing good marks.

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