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Name: Vaishali Jijabrao Mali
Beneficiary Code: 1112066275
Taluka: Chopda
Education in 2013-14: Mechanical Engineer (2nd Year)

SD-SEED is doing a very commendable job in distributing scholarship to poor, needy & meritorious students. Due to my financial condition, I could not pursue my education.  I received the SD-SEED Scholarship and was able to pay my fees for 2nd year of Engineering. I’m very grateful to SD-SEED. Behind this, Hon. Sureshdada’s only intention is to help poor students avail education, so that they can be successful and a weak financial condition should not create a barrier in their educational journey. In future also, SD-SEED will continue to help students.

Name: Bhavesh Ashok Patil
Beneficiary Code: 1012018652
Taluka: Amalner
Education in 2013-14: Mechanical Engineer (2nd Year)

With the help of SD-SEED Scholarship, I could complete my technical education, as well take admission for tuition classes. Similarly, this money also helped me in pursuing other educational activities.

SD-SEED is one of the best NGOs, which distributes scholarship to the students without any discrimination, only considering their financial condition and educational progress. Due to this, many students achieve their educational goals.  SD-SEED also helps students in the rural areas and as a result they are also able to progress.

Name: Vinay Sunil Sonawane
Beneficiary Code: 1011139059
Taluka: Parola
Education in 2013-14: B.E. Mechanical (3rd Year)

The scholarship initiative conducts by SD-SEED is very beneficial to many needy and meritorious students in District and I’m also one of the Beneficiary of the same. Many students are motivated through this initiative and the financial obstacle in their educational dream is taken away.  Therefore, I’m very obliged to this organization.

Name: Manoj Devidas Sonar
Beneficiary Code: 1011129480
Taluka: Pachora
Education in 2013-14: Diploma (3rd Year)

I have received the SD-SEED Scholarship from the last two years. Firstly, I thank them for doing this great job.

After completing my education, I’ll become an SD-SEED member and help the needy and intellectual students. I also promise that I will always be available for SD-SEED activities. I would like to once again thank SD-SEED for doing this noble work.

Name: Jagruti Sanjay Chaudhari
Beneficiary Code: 1112059022
Taluka: Chalisgaon
Education in 2013-14: BCA (1st Year)

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to SD-SEED for making available the opportunity of a good education for all students.
This is one of the best schemes. Every student has dream and this scheme does the great job to inspire that dream. SD-SEED is guiding the students in the right & proper way through its various programs. SD-SEED Scholarship motivates the students and increases their determination to get the best marks.

I thank SD-SEED for helping students and wiping away the tears of the needy students.

Name: Nilesh Ravindranath Kasar
Beneficiary Code: 1011139735
Taluka: Parola
Education in 2013-14: B.Tech. (4th Year)

I’m a Beneficiary of Shrimati Premabai Bhikamchand Jain Higher Education Scholarship for the last three years. SD-SEED has helped me get financial support through this scholarship.
It is a very difficult task and a huge financial burden for a middle class family to be able to provide higher technical education to their child in a metropolitan city like Pune. Therefore, I and my parents will always be grateful to SD-SEED for helping me for the last three years.

I pray that God always bless Hon’ble Dadasaheb & his family with a happy, satisfied and long life.

Name: Mamlesh Bansilal Kotwal
Beneficiary Code:1012079173
Taluka: Dharangaon
Education in 2013-14: ITI (3rd Year)

Respectful Greetings to Hon’ble Sureshdada and his colleagues for helping needy students to continue their education by providing them with the SD-SEED Scholarship.
I achieved excellent marks in SSC, but due my financially weak condition, I could not take admission in Std. 11 and took admission for ITI. Later I came to know about this Scholarship thru my friends and received the same. Therefore, I could return the money I had borrowed from my relatives with pride.

SD-SEED helping the students through the financial scholarship is a noble deed.

Name: Gitesh Vinodkumar Ostwal
Beneficiary Code: 1011077990
Taluka: Dharangaon
Education in 2013-14: B.Pharm. (4th Year)

I was doubtful of being able to complete my education due to my weak financial condition. Later I came to know about SD-SEED Scholarship and I saw a ray of hope for my education.

Your scheme has been contributed in a major way in continuing my education. In this year, I’ll complete my education and I can serve society and my country. I would like to give all credit of this to my family and your scheme and above all to Shri Sureshdada Jain.

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