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Pranita Kishor Bhavsar
Beneficiary Code: 1111096677
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2016-17: Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Fourth Year)

I am grateful and thankful to SD-SEED for all their guidance and economical support for my graduation studies for BPTh Degree. Now its been my final year in this education for Physiotherapy and I am happy that a major contribution for my success and education has major role model as ‘SD-SEED’ being my back-bone for education. I am very thankful that today I can proudly say that in future, I may promisingly help the needy person for education and my success will surely pay off for this.

Thanking you.

Name: Prathamesh Harishchandra Chitodkar
Beneficiary Code: 1011039964
Taluka: Bhusawal
Education in 2016-17: BE Electrical (Third Year)

My family was in a difficult financial situation and I was worried how I would continue my education after Class 10. It was at this time that SD-SEED provided me with valuable support and timely financial assistance and I was able to continue my education.

I have been continuously receiving the SD-SEED scholarship for the last five years. This organization has undertaken a noble project, which is beneficial to society and students. I would like to request the Members of this organization to successfully continue this magnificent project, which will help the needy and intelligent students to complete their education. I would like to again extend my gratitude to SD-SEED and its Associates.

Name: Rucha Hemant Belsare
Beneficiary Code: 1111099150
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2016-17: BE Electrical (Fourth Year)

I am studying in the final year of Engineering and am a beneficiary of SD-SEED for the last five years.

The SD-SEED scholarship, which is a helping hand to needy students like me is a truly commendable initiative. I am thankful to SD-SEED for providing a great source of support to students and making a noble contribution in their educational goal. I hope that this Scheme continues unabated and many students benefit from it. Once again many thanks to SD-SEED.

Name: Anil Dagdu Mali
Beneficiary Code: 1012064355
Taluka: Chopda
Education in 2016-17: BTech Mechanical (Third Year)

I am a recipient of SD-SEED Scholarship Scheme for the last four years. Respected Shri Sureshdada Jain has instituted the SD-SEED, a large organization, which provides financial assistance to intelligent and economically backward students of Khandesh. This has helped me overcome my financial difficulties and is a source of invaluable support to economically backward students like me. The timely support we have received from Dada is truly providential and I would like to request Dada to continue this magnanimous service.

Name: Renuka Dattatray Gurav
Beneficiary Code: 1111034318
Taluka: Bhusawal
Education in 2016-17: BE Civil (Second Year)

I am studing in second year of Engineering and have benefitted from this Scholarship for the last three years. My father is a labourer and he has works hard to make ends meet so that I can continue my education. This scholarship has given me additional support and helped me pay my fees and buy books. My parents are also happy and satisfied that I am continuing my education.

I am grateful to SD-SEED, because of their timely assistance; I am motivated to continue my education.

Name: Rushikesh Bhagvat Jagtap
Beneficiary Code: 1014099369
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2016-17: BE Mechanical (Third Year)

Due to our weak financial situation, I was in two minds whether to take admission in Engineering or not? My parents were able to pay my college fees, but were not able to buy the books and pay for other things required. It was at this time, when I read about the SD-SEED Scholarship in the newspaper and I have been a recipient of this scholarship for the two years. Today I think SD-SEED is bearing the financial burden of my parents.

This scholarship encourages me study further, motivates me to do something and become something in life. I am sure, I will be successful in life and SD-SEED will be the biggest contributor of my success. I will be eternally gratefully to SD-SEED.

Name: Pooja Sunil Khente
Beneficiary Code: 1114094539
Taluka: Jalgaon
Education in 2016-17: HSC Science (SYJC)

The rod helps a drowning person; similarly SD-SEED has supported me. My father passed away a few years back and it was very difficult for my mother single-handedly to pay for the education of my brother and me. SD-SEED scholarship was a great support, which helped me pay for college fees and books. Respected Shri Dada, as my grandfather has filled the void created by the demise of my father. Dada continuously provides valuable support to needy students like me, which has helped us to achieve our educational goals. I will always be grateful to this organization and I will fulfill Respected Dada’s vision for SD-SEED.

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